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(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

Skateboard is well-known equipment today because of its sporting craze among kids, adults and young. It is more of an entertainment rather than a physical activity and an alternative to transportation in many parts of the world. The act of performing on a skateboard is called skateboarding and it has become a popular sport worldwide. It rolls down on the road by simply pushing with a foot and move forward with the help of gravity by standing on the deck. We have compiled some of the best skateboards for pop below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

There are different styles of skating and if a rider uses his right foot on the board, it is called a “goofy ride”, while if a rider uses his left foot on the board, it is called “regular ride”. However, it is a personal choice of rider to use any of his foot or use both while skating on the roads. Riders perform various tricks on the skateboards and show off their skills in the public for fun and entertainment. There are no rules of skating and freestyles are used by the skaters while skating. It is believed that skating is based on traditional and modern stunts performed by the users.

Since the evolution of skateboarding as major sport all over the world, modern skateboarding tricks were developed with great skills and maneuvers like spinning on the back wheels, high jumping, landing from one board to another and one of the most popular tricks of all times called Bertlemann slide. Skateboarding got popularity in the 1980s with the appearance of skateboarding in the first movie and it helped to bring awareness all over the world. The movie depicted skaters as a hero and conveyed a positive image of this harmless and healthy sport. Since its evolution, skateboarding spread across the United States and to the rest of the world through media and news.

Skateboarding just after its start suffered a setback due to safety problems and it led to the serious injuries due to falls and unbalancing resulting out of cracks and outcroppings. Several injuries were reported. Especially, when skateboarding was primarily used as an alternate mean of transportation, it posed challenges to the regular traffic on the road. All this resulted in the use of safety equipment while skating, which include helmets, wrist and knee guard for the safety purposes. Later on, the production of sophisticated skateboards kept all the factors of safety and skateboarding became more energetic sports with the latest equipment.

Buying skateboard requires extensive knowledge about the equipment and their parts. If you don’t know anything about skateboards, then do not go for it. Otherwise, you will regret your decision. Let us guide you about the best skateboards to choose from.

Best Skateboards For Pop (Comparison)

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard DeckOptions AvailableCheck Price
Zero Skateboards 3 Skull Blood Complete Skateboard7.25" x 31.9"Check Price
Powell-Peralta Mike McGill Flight Construction Skateboard Deck32.38" x 8.97"Check Price


Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck

Bamboo skateboards speak of quality, and if you are serious to try something amazing, then it is the skateboard for you.Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck Best Skateboards For Pop The concave board makes it really soothing to cruise on hard turns and do magic tricks on the roads. Withstands enough of weight and keep you balanced on the roads.  The new galaxy series skateboards depicting Milky Way galaxy and display an array of colors. If you are looking for a skateboard with more pop than bamboo skateboard is the best choice you have got. It is the best equipment you have got in the whole range of skateboards which helps you to perform wonderful tricks with convenience. Maple boards are famous for their durability and flexibility, but this one last longer than that and is made up with bamboo which makes it lighter and durable. It is the most flexible board which is unlikely to break with little weight. It has the capability of the shock absorber and balances you while jumping on the board. This is a tested board in the market made up of eco-friendly material. It is available in various sizes and colors making a wide choice for beginner to advanced level skaters. Expect strength and sustainability with improved performance and a skateboard that guarantees an amazing performance on the road. It is best to pop and get around skating for a long time. It is easy to use for beginners and can help to advance your skills while skating.

More Flexible & DurableExpensive
Provides Protection With Strong Grip


It is a flexible skateboard for performing different stunts that will eventually help to ride like a pro. Bamboo new galaxy series is unique. Manufacturer have painted that spectacular eclipse on this skateboard for stylish looks and forcing consumers to buy. You will observe many designs in the market but no comparison with bamboo skateboard galaxy series. They are very cheap uniquely designed painted and super light in weight. So choosing this skateboard will provide a lot of fun. So, make your choice and buy one for you.



Zero Skateboards 3 Skull Blood Complete Skateboard

It is a complete skateboard by Zero that comes in 7.62 x 31.9-inch deck size and complete equipment for ready to use.Zero Skateboards 3 Skull Blood Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For Pop It is an authentic skateboard that gives you an amazing experience and equipped with high-quality parts. It is ideal for streets, roads, and park with tons of pop with freedom of assembling because it comes pre-assembled and ready to skate out openly. It has one of the best decks and with the depiction of 3-skull blood high graphics with natural skulls made up of wood grain, makes a bold impression and lets you skate with passion with the skateboard. It is lightweight and great in use, offering convenience and comfort without any fear of breakdown. It is a skateboard that comes pre-assembled, including wheels, trucks, bearing, grip take, and complete hardware and you need not to worry about assembling. No matter how long you skate, this board handles wear and tear on the roads. Besides, it offers good speed and grip with smooth rolling. 3-Skull board amazes users with its unique composition and fulfills cruising needs for skaters and let them enjoy a smooth ride on the bumpy roads.

Smooth RollingNone That We Could Find
High Quality Graphics


3-Skull Blood Skateboard is a pre-requisite for every skate to start with and excel to become pro with this simple equipment. The professional quality of zero skateboard skull model with its awesome looks and stylish skull design on it is impressive. So, if you like to watch horror movies you will definitely love this master piece of skateboard. Yes, its design is horrifying, are you going to grab one right now or not?



Powell-Peralta Mike McGill Flight Construction Skateboard Deck

Mike McGill wide skateboard with 32.28 x 8.97-inch measurement with high-quality graphics makes its future choice for skaters. It is a nice looking board featuring k20 concave and smooth on the roads. Though, it is a thin board but guarantees durability and is light in weight. A normal skateboard with the 7ply deck will make you feel amazing and pretty awesome to do tricks on the roads. It is made to learn skating and improve your skills just in a short time. You can easily toss it, make it jump, slide down on the rails and pool with perfection. Its nose and tail are constructed in a way that gives your deck a high pop with neon graphics with a stunning black background with a creative reflection of artwork. It has the best quality and ample of features to start cruising on the road. You can easily make any modification to the board and sharpen your skills with basic moves.

DurableNone That We Could Find
Easy Handling


It is the best option available in the market for beginners and experts to pop high on the roads. Powell piralta skateboards are best of all designs. They have printed designs on skateboard in such a way that they look so real. Just like solid design, the quality of skateboard itself is also fine. So, the question is when are you going to buy this awesome looking model?




Buying a skateboard is usually complex if you are a new skater. But the real danger is not in getting a skateboard that is a little off in terms of size and shape. The real danger is when you go in market and get a complete skateboard that is poor in quality or junk. There are plenty of skateboards out there. Make sure you buy a quality product for your kid. Because in the end safety of your kid matters. That is why for your ease, we have covered some best skateboards above. Make a choice and buy the best one now.



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