Best Skateboards For Beginner Kids 2019

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Skateboard is an equipment used for skateboarding – a type of sport, involving skateboard for riding and doing various tricks. It is a physical and recreational activity practiced all over the world by kids, adults and young. Since its inception, skateboarding has expanded to the whole world and emerged as a profitable industry with millions of users globally. Everyone loves to cruise around using skateboards on roads, parks, and gardens. So we have compiled some of the best skateboards for beginner kids below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

At the start, skateboarding was started in the 1940s with the help of wooden board placed on roller skates and the boards later on turned into planks, which is quite similar to a skateboard. There is no significant evidence available who has invented a skateboard, but it is believed to have been emerged out of surfing and became extremely popular. By the late 60s, some small manufacturers started manufacturing skateboards, which featured on television and ultimately became another sporting activity.

With the passage of time, the shape of skateboards started to change and it led to changes in tricks on skateboards. Ridding and spinning were the only tricks performed by the skaters, but later skaters began practicing sophisticated tricks on the skateboarding. Latest skating tricks include high jumping, long jumping and sliding over the bars and ladders. All such tricks require sheer practice and hard work.

Skateboard consists of different parts to function freely and provided the basis for modern skateboarding. A conventional skateboard consists of decks, trucks, wheels, bushing, grip tape, nuts, and bolts. It also comes with add-ons such as shock pads, gripping, extra tail and nose guards. A standard size of deck ranges between 7 to 10 inches wide and 28 to 33 inches long. However, the selection of the deck size depends on the choice of the user.

There are various types of skateboards including longboard, shortboard, penny boards, and the latest electronic boards. There is a difference in material, shape, comfort, and use between different skateboards. Today, manufacturers started making skateboards according to its use and skills. You can find skateboards for beginners and experts varying in features, quality, and price as well. Similarly, one has to consider the purpose of buying a skateboard before he/she actually buys one because some use skateboards for transportation while others start cruising with it. Now that skateboards are popular and used all over the world by kids and adults of all ages. This is the reason many manufacturing companies making skateboards according to the needs of different ages, for example manufacturing of adults skateboards are bit different from kids under ten. Similarly beginners and professional level skateboards are different too. So picking the right skateboard is necessary to get the desired experience of skating.  We can help you to pick the best skateboard in terms of use, quality, and convenience. We will now discuss some of the best skateboards available in the market place and used for beginner kids.

Best Skateboards For Beginner Kids (Comparison)

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard4.1 lbsCheck Price
ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard4 lbsCheck Price
Merkapa Complete Skateboard3.8 lbsCheck Price
Ridge Motif Series Skateboard4.1 lbsCheck Price


RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

Rimable a 22-inch skateboard comes in different color combination and made with 100% eco-friendly material.RIMABLE Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Kids It is equipped with high-quality parts made up of materials that guarantee speed and smooth cruising experiences. It offers maximum support of 90kg weight to users. It is suitable for beginners, especially children, and adult and gives them opportunities to learn to cruise without hassles. Its colorful deck amuses kids and entices them to skate most of the time. Rimable is easy to use and your kid will need little guidance to learn skating with this amazing gadget. It is durable and comes with complete accessories to assemble by self without needing any help. It makes riding easier and the whole family can use it together. It’s a lightweight skateboard that helps kids to manage and have more control on the skateboard. Sturdy and flexible board with quality parts makes it a number one skateboard to use for the kids. It is the best gadget in 23.99$ and offers a new world for skaters.

Smooth ControlNot Suitable For Bumpy Roads
Flexible Deck
Better Control
Cored Wheels


Perfect for beginner kids with multiple features with great speed and smooth cruising. This skateboard is super cool very colorful and worthwhile. This skateboard can hold 200lbs easily. Rimable’s 22inches board is available in a various colors and designs. These boards are a really popular fashion accessory for teenagers and among young adults, influencing clothing styles, music and street culture. Rimable often seen in many places frequented by young people, such as university campuses and skate parks. Not only that, you can even ride them bare foot. They are the perfect transportation, to replace walking. So it might be the best choice.



ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard

Enkeeo Cruiser Board is a 22-inch compact cruiser skateboard with the plastic banana board and flexible deck for the smooth riding of kids and adults.ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Kids It can sustain weight up to 220 lbs and designed in a way that offers convenience and comfort to kids, youth and adults making skateboarding a great sport and fun for them. It is very helpful for the beginners to learn skating with this equipment and enhance your skills further to become an expert rider. Its cored wheels make it a fast ride and give good control of it. It is assembled with quality nuts and bolts making a durable skateboard for long rides and extended use. It is complete in all sense making this equipment a preferred choice of skaters that gives supports on roads, streets and rocky surfaces for smooth surfaces. No matter, whether you are an amateur or an expert, this accommodates riders of all levels.

Suitable For All AgesWheels Are A Bit Noisy
Smooth Ride
Better Balance


Eneeko is easy to assemble, compact yet durable boards that suit everyone. Enkeeo Cruiser Skateboard got a mini cruiser deck which provides a very strong platform to balance you to control the wheel easily, also, enabling riders to glide effortlessly. In its features quality plastic deck and 4 smooth casters; bringing flexing which allows the deck to bend a little bit with each move, acting like springs that help cushion the blow of vertical forces for easy and better balance. Its bright colors and fashionable patterns are not just a sight to the eye but also a part of pure street culture. It is fun and believe me it is hip. It is a perfect way of life. It won’t be bad choice to buy this model.



Merkapa Complete Skateboard

Merkapa Skateboard is an amazing skateboard designed for the kids and young.Merkapa Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Kids It is a colorful skateboard with lighting wheels with the help of small LEDs that make an amazing experience for the beginners. A mini cruiser deck of 22 –inch long and 6-inch wide plastic made a board which offers flexibility and shockproof skateboard. The ABEC-7 bearing with high quality cored makes it a faster ride with better control as compared to traditional skateboards. It supports a large age group with a maximum loading capacity of 82kg enabling children and teenagers to ramp on this fantastic skateboard without losing their control. It has soft PU wheels which offer shock absorption, resistance abrasion and more grips for the users. It provides better comfort levels and is amazing to try the latest tricks on the skateboard. It is an excellent choice to have fun and thrill with lighting wheels and kids love this kind of skateboards.

LED Lit WheelsStiff Axles
Shock Absorption & Resistance


Lighting wheels make it bright and colorful equipment to ride on and make an impression. Classic Mini Cruiser Skateboard is really easy to learn. Anyone who tries will surely love it when they get the colorful deck and multicolored LED light-up wheels. Rrom beginner to master, all can play and enjoy it. Best choice to buy one.



Ridge Motif Series Skateboard

Motif Series Skateboard is a classic cruiser made up of 7ply maple board, adding super grip and easier to roll on and perform tricks at the beginner level.Ridge Motif Series Skateboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Kids Ridge skateboard is a compact board with better control on roads and cornering. It comes in a variety of colors and is famous all over the world due to its sturdy build and durability. It works great on most of the surfaces due to ABEC 7 bearing and Pu soft rubber wheels that makes it rolling for a long time. Ridge skateboards are most in demand brand with great specifications and everyone loves this equipment for its cruising capabilities.

7 Ply Maple ConstructionSmall Deck
Smooth Ride


Ridge is committed to offer mini cruiser skateboard at a reasonable price. Made up with Canadian maple on 7 ply. Not many people have tested it but Ridge Motif is perfect skateboard and has all qualities of good skateboard.




This is digital world and most of the adults and kids spend their time inside their homes either playing games on their TV or busy with their cell phones or computers, which is very unhealthy practice, especially for growing kids. We cannot ignore this fact that playing sports and physical activities not only keep us healthy but also keeps us far away from many other viral diseases. So, why not stay healthy and enjoy life? Skateboarding is real fun. This is the reason choosing skateboarding either for sport or for fun. In the end it will definitely keep you and your kids healthy, smart and active.

We have done our job and explained some of the best models for beginners. Now it is your time to get the one which you like most.



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