Best Skateboards For Beginner Adults 2019

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Skateboarding was started in the early 90s from California while surfing on sidewalks and emerged later as a major activity in the whole United States. Traditionally, a skateboard resembled like a surfboard, but its structure and shape changed over the time and got popularity due to publishing in some magazines.

Skateboard is specially designed sports equipment used for skateboarding, a kind of physical activity and sport widely practiced all over the world. It is made up of Maplewood supported by polyurethane coating and equipped with four small wheels rolling smoothly on the road. There are no predefined rules for skating and everyone skates with his own convenience and knowledge. We have compiled some of the best skateboards for beginner adults below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Popularity Of Skateboards Nowadays

Skating has become a hobby among young and adults all over the world and everyone loves skating, especially a significant trend among kids. It works simply by the rule of gravity and one leg is used by applying pressure to keep the board moving on the road.  The skateboard rolls down with the momentum of the body and the riders balances their body on the skates. Skating was evolved from roller skates and got popularity all of a sudden. It has revolutionized the traditional sports and has given new opportunity to the younger generation to avail fun and thrill.

Parts Which Skateboards Consist Of

Skateboard – well-known equipment that is primarily used for skateboarding. The skateboard consists of a wide flat deck, fine metal trucks connected to the wheels with the help of bearings. There are some other parts of a skateboard which are optionally used with the skateboards such as risers, shock pads, rails, and nose guard etc to give users an amazing experience.

Skateboard come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are equipped with small wheels and other with large wheels. The deck is made up of different materials such as bamboo or maple differentiating in weight and usability. Skateboard have different qualities and it is recommended to have a better quality of skateboard for the safety and easy handling.

There is no black and white rule of skating and everyone can skate as per his/her own convenience and liking. Kids, adults, young men, and women all love skating and spend most of their leisure time in skateboarding. It has become a popular mean of transporting recently and everyone is using skateboards to cover small distances in the towns. People are freely skating on the roads, beaches and even in parks as a hobby to have fun and thrill. There is a huge trend of skating with the kids and skateboarding competitions are held all over the world. Skateboarding is going to become a part of the Summer Olympics scheduled in 2020 in Tokyo as an official sport.

Basic Types

There are basically three types of skateboards such as snake, retro and classic varying in size, built and usability, requiring a different set of skills and balancing techniques to use the boards. Classic boards are most commonly used around the world and widely available online. Such boards come with small deck and wheels to be used by beginners. Retro boards with big boards and wheels are the best boards for long distances and quite balancing.

Shape Preference Of Adults Skateboard

Beginner adult skateboards usually come in various shapes. It can be totally confusing to understand at first. But, eventually right after you wear and tear your beginner board you can start trying and looking for a couple of different deck shapes as to know your preferences better. On top is, the retro looking ones and cruisers can come in later on for play. However to begin with, a conventional board shape will get you to understand pumping the bowl and basic flat surface tricks. Concave is the section between the nose and tail that curves up slightly on the sides. Some skaters feel the more the concave the easier and better is to flip the board. But ultimately there is no better or the worse shape board. To each is his own preference. To understand skateboards better let us guide you about the best skateboard for beginner adults. Check out our complete skateboard buyer guide when considering any skateboard for your kid or adult. We are going to share a well-versed opinion about leading skateboard brands that will help you to decide which one to opt.

Best Skateboards For Beginner Adults (Comparison)

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard32 InchesCheck Price
MINORITY Maple Skateboard31.1 InchesCheck Price
Atom Drop Deck Longboard41.7 InchesCheck Price


Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

The first model we are going to discuss is Enjoi Whitey Panda skateboard.Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Adults Expect unmatched quality skateboards from Enjoi. It comes with pre-built 7-inch ply maple deck with specialized resin glue that makes it perfect to skate and do the tricks smoothly. Its deck is quite stronger as compared to traditional decks and sustains pressure shocks on the rough roads. It has longer deck life and equipped with heavy-duty aluminum trucks with perfect wheels to roll on the roads and parks as well. It is easy to assemble and allows customization to accomplish skater’s goals. It is a perfect board for beginners with the quality assembly of hardware that makes it smooth to ride and pretty good to control. It features a variety of graphics and is well-made overall. It is in the market for years and its popularity is still on the rise. Enjoi complete skateboard ranges in skill level satisfying the needs of every age, enabling manufacturers customizing its products according to customer’s needs and tastes. Its simplest panda design excites everyone to ride and the best thing about this skateboard is its decent price as compared to popular skateboards.

Concave DeckSmall Deck
Shock ResistantLittle Heavy
Easy Customization


Quality matters and Enjoi Panda skateboard is great equipment to start with to practice for perfection.  It is pretty cool and smooth gadget. The reason which makes it great and popular is its manufacturing of parts; heavy duty material is used in its manufacturing.



MINORITY Maple Skateboard

The second model that we have here is Minority Skateboard. A massive 32 inch solidly built inch hard rock cold pressed maple deck skateboard which offers support up to 220 lbs and is ideal for high-speed skating.MINORITY Maple Skateboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Adults It is ideal for experimenting with different tricks and tips. Its precision bearings covered by chrome steel produces fast speed with minimum efforts and make you feel smooth rolling in the corners. It is multipurpose and has tested maneuverability on various grounds such as roads, streets, pools and ramps. Graphically appealing and trendy makes it a perfect choice for adults and young. It can be a good gift to your loved ones. The Minority is known as an expert when it comes to making skateboards for all ages. Top quality equipment, masterpiece construction and a mix of advance engineering results in minority’s skateboard. A classic skateboard offering accuracy and let the users show off their skill without the fear of breakage and sustainability. Minority’s skateboard with rust-free hardware and chrome steel give amazing performances and let the riders reach high speed with small efforts. Its thick and large wheels don’t let the riders fall during stunts and absolutely a better device in low budget.

More SupportiveComplex Handling
Rich Graphics
Low Budget


Minority a precision device makes cruising experience and smooth skating.  One more thing which makes this skateboard unique is its graphically appealing and trendy looks. Minority 32 inches skateboard is perfect choice and wise decision to buy.



Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Third and final model we have is Atom Drop Deck. It is one of the best choices among modern skateboards.Atom Drop Deck Longboard Best Skateboards For Beginner Adults A low-riding skateboard with maximum stability making it perfect for skating. It has a perfect laminate deck and Longboard trucks with a year manufacturer warranty that gives the perfect deal to get the removal of defects and free workmanship. Atom drop deck Longboard is great equipment for downhill skating with convenience pushing for covering long distances on the skateboard. Its unique shape gives you extra 9.6 leverage on every move reducing friction and keep the equipment flowing without putting much pressure. This skateboard is the best sporting equipment you need and practice your sporting skills without much effort.

EnduranceToo Fast For Beginners
Smooth RideWheels Are Too Soft
Beautifully Designed


Speed thrills. Who loves downhill skating? Well, people love it doing skating downhill and what could be the better choice for downhill skating?  Atom Drop Deck Longboard with extra warranty is definitely a wonderful offer.




Skateboards have different types and shapes such as a long and short board. Most of the skateboards are built with wood due to the durability and flexibility it offers to the users. However, metal skateboards are also available in all shapes and sizes, giving plenty of options to skaters to pick as per their convenience and use.  Shape and size of deck meant a difference in use, convenience, and handling. Naturally, small deck skateboards are good for kids, while decks with wider skateboards are used professionally.  So, we have discussed some of the best skateboard available. Which one is your favorite and which skateboard you are going to choose for yourself now?



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