Best Skateboards For 6 Year Old 2019

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2018)

Kids now days are always busy in watching cartoons and are playing video games whole day long. They are always complaining that they have nothing to do. Even on birthdays and other important occasions, they get the same gifts that they have already taken before.

So, why not surprise your kid and give him the best birthday present on his sixth birthday. Why not give him something that is unique, elegant, versatile, up to date and above all your kid must love that. There are several presents and gadgets available in the market like toys, cars, sports and instruments but most kids have already got bored of them. So, why not buy something different. How about buying a skateboard this time? Skateboarding is a great entertaining sport and children love it. So we have compiled some of the best skateboards for 6 year old below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Which skateboard do we buy for a for 6-year old? There is a number of skateboards available in the market for adults. But now some companies have started making skateboards which are especially for kids who are less than ten. For our readers in this article, we have compiled some of the top-rated best skateboards for 6-year-old kids.

Best Skateboards For 6 Year Old (Comparison)

RIMABLE Complete Skateboard41 InchesCheck Price
Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Longboard42.5 InchesCheck Price
Aluminati Elemental Cruiser Skateboard43 InchesCheck Price


RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

This board has a measurement of 8.5” x 32.5”. This is a standard size skateboard and from a upcoming company that is for sure going to wow its customers.RIMABLE Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For 6 Year Old The board of the skating is complete handmade from China. It has been put together with the leash holes on tip and tail and is a concave skate deck with the grapy EVA top sheet to avoid slipping. It also offers you with the closed cell dual-density foam shock absorption and also feels more like a skateboard as compare to any kind of the standard snow skate. It is somehow high in prices but it is worth consideration. It is a complete handmade product that makes it suitable option for the skateboarding sequences. It has large diameter with better traction, stability and high speed. There is no chance of slipping out of your line. The treaded surface will be assisting in gripping on smooth surfaces. If you are moderately skilled rider, then in that case you do need it. It has a simple design.

RIMABLE skateboard is an awesome choice for beginning skaters. It is also suitable for the veteran who has been skating over snow for years. You would find it best for the beginners who are keen in doing the snowboarding. Being light in weight you can easily make it move from one place to another. It is durable enough to face any sort of cracks and damages. It is put together with the leash holes on tip and also the tail that ensure that your skating goes wherever you go. It has money back lifetime guarantee for you. Go and buy it now!

Suitable For Beginners


It is durable and best for the kids at the age of 6. It will last for long time period and has the smooth finishing. So, buy it now!



Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Longboard

Emporium Zed board is mainly popular for its insanely awesome price. Not just is price drastically lower than the other manufacturers but at the same time you are not losing quality.Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Longboard Best Skateboards For 6 Year Old Plus, the size of the board makes it a great tag-along item as well. This board is high in quality and has the low-cost options for even veteran snow skaters and is competing as runner up in this review. If you are finding skateboards in reasonable rates then this product is the best for you. It is light in weight so you can take it along with you. It has quality build with stability and the traction. These skateboards are best for the cruising, skate parks and shenanigans. As they are pretty soft, they are perfect when it comes to the tomfoolery. They have the wide profile with the stability and balancing feature being part of it. On regular terms, these are in the 90a durometer, except for black which has an 85a. They are also smooth which means that there has been less surface friction and this makes them easier to slide.

It offers you with the features of being slip resistant, waterproof rugged foam top deck. It has been attached with the body board style slick bottom skin for super speed that makes it smooth bottom and lightweight and hence can be helpful for super speed and tricks. You should be careful when it comes to the selection of the boards. This skate board has measurement of approximately 27″ long x 8″ wide x 1″ thick and is slip resistant with the waterproof rugged foam top deck. It has body board style slick bottom skin for super speed with the easy smooth bottom and lightweight makes for super speed and easy tricks.

Reasonable PricedNone That We Could Find
High Quality


Once your kid start doing skating on this board, he/she would love to do skating on it all the time. They have the thick deck manufacturing with the durable material being used in it. You should not miss out the chance to buy it now!




Aluminati Elemental Cruiser Skateboard

It is measuring at 35 inches. Elemental Cruiser is a plastic polymer skateboard that makes it lighter than wooden skateboards and has an asymmetrical dual kick shape.Aluminati Elemental Cruiser Skateboard Best Skateboards For 6 Year Old It helps is not getting stuck at rough roads. It has grooves over the side of the bottom which enable the rider to have more stability on top of the skateboard. It has easier sliding, and a printed grip black rubber upper from the view of the EVA foam to avoid slipping. We would say that it is an awesome choice with the beginner in skating or the ones who are interested in learning more about the sport. It comes at a very reasonable price. It is light in weight and easy to move around from one place to another. It has durable finishing and material.

It has the additional features of being slip resistant and also has waterproof rugged foam top deck. It has been body board style slick bottom skin for super speed. You would love doing the skating on it all the time for sure. This is so incredible designed out. The top Deck Length is about 34in and the sub Deck Length is about 41in 7 ply Maple Top Deck is also part of it. It offers you with the harfang Snow Skate Trucks, as well as foam Grip Tape, all along with the leash & Hardware. This is durable, longer lasting and light in weight. If you are riding at high speed, then these wheels are helpful in terms of adding the stability and would not let it slip.  This skateboard is perfect for pool or bowl. It has the S shape that make it perfect for the cruising. No matter whether you are fond of street skater or loves to dip in the pool, this is the perfect option for you. They are simply known to be the advanced modification of the classic long board. They are all the more squared shape but smartly engineered. They got the best boost.

LightweightNone That We Could Find
Accessible In Reasonable Rates


This is by far one of the best skateboards for kids at the age of 6. They are light in weight and is durable too. They are best for your kids who love to learn the sports of skating. Buy it now!



Well, we have presented you top three best skateboards along with their pros and cons so that you would be able to make the better choice at the end of the day.

Which one of them would you like to buy?



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