Best Skateboards For 5 Year Old 2019

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2019)

Skateboard is usually made up of wood with wheels attached with the help of trucks aided by bearings, nuts, and bolts. It is used for skating using various techniques and tricks. Everyone loves skating on skateboards all over the world and this sport is getting popular day by day. There are various types of skateboards and due to the constant change in technology, the production of skateboards has changed and now conventional skateboards are being replaced by electronic boards with better features and performance. We have compiled some of the best skateboards for 5 year old below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

In the start, only adults and young were skating, but gradually this sport got popular among the kids and they started playing with skateboards for physical activity and recreation. Today, skateboards are developed in a way to fulfill the needs of kids, young and adults alike. It is designed in a way that a small kid can roll on it without taking any classes and can easily learn to skate.  Skateboards are now used in plenty of ways and being taught in schools as a part of physical education.

The design and construction of skateboard were very simple at the start, but it changed gradually with the time. At the start, the skateboard was first introduced with a wooden deck with few decorations and artwork on it. Later, the renewed interest of people in this sport led to innovation and creativity in the skateboards and now sophisticated skateboards are developed for hassle-free skating. Skateboard is assembled using decks, trucks, and wheels having varied designs and styles.       Manufacturers assemble skateboards keeping in view the needs and preference of customers. Different companies have different standards of manufacturing and their quality also varies as well.

It develops discipline and self-confidence in kids and adults. Skateboarding is a good source of physical activities which results in several health benefits such as the strengthening of muscles and bones, getting off stress and become a part of social networking. Every school and college has introduced a skateboarding facility to their students in order to promote physical fitness and mental health among the students. An event for skaters called “Skateboarding Day” is famous in the whole world. An international organization named as “International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC)” came into existence with the motive to promote skateboarding as leisure and sporting activity. This organization also promotes and holds contests all over the world.

Best Skateboards For 5 Year Old (Comparison)

SkateXS Purple Panda Skateboardn/aCheck Price
Merkapa Complete Skateboard3.8 lbsCheck Price
RIMABLE Complete Skateboard4.1 lbsCheck Price


SkateXS Purple Panda Skateboard

Skate-XS Purple Panda a graphically rich and friendly board that has become a source of fun and entertainment for the kids on and off the road.SkateXS Purple Panda Skateboard Best Skateboards For 5 Year Old It is designed and developed for kids and beginners to help them learn skating smoothly. It comes fully pre-assembled from the factory, avoiding the headache of assembling and ready to roll on the roads smoothly. SkateXS Panda series is a high-performance bamboo board offering flexibility and strength at the same time. It doesn’t break, even if used too rough for the latest tricks such as high jumping and is durable. It has high quality with reasonable price to provide an opportunity to enjoy skating with convenience. It is specially designed and built for kids with perfect size of the deck that let them perform maneuvers easily. Accurate size of the deck doesn’t only make it convenient, but also provide safety, firm grip and control on to skateboard. It can be used in the home, garden, and roads with a little push and help to overcome obstacles come in skating. It aids kids of five years old to learn more quickly without compromising safety. The lightweight, flexible and sturdy board pops up high on the road and become a number one choice for your kids. It is high speed board with ABEC-7 bearing and soft wheels that make it super cool to skate with this equipment.  You can surely go ahead for SkateXS board for your kid as a gift on his birthday and can completely trust this equipment.

Strong GripNot Suitable For Advanced Skaters
Smooth Ride
Easy To Adapt To


Perfectly sized, super cool multi-color wheels offering good grip. Skate-XS bamboo deck offers really light weight and durability. It is a great choice for children. Skate-XS brand boards exceed the quality of boards which are found in traditional skate parks and have skated in various competitions such as the X-Games. So, this skateboard will be a wise choice.

Skate-XS is quite high quality setup with awesome price. It can take skateboarders from their first pushes all the way to the most advanced tricks and maneuvers out there. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Grab it now.




Merkapa Complete Skateboard

Merkapa comes with 22-inch cruiser plastic board with colorful lights glowing the wheels and best for the beginners.Merkapa Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For 5 Year Old It is assembled in a variety of colors, giving options to the users to pick of their choice. The device is equipped with special LED lights to amuse children and let them enjoy skating. Its lightweight plastic board starts with the single kick and offers resistance against the shocks and jumps. It has high-quality parts with a heavy duty aluminum bearing that makes it a durable and sustainable for longer use. It has large soft wheels with shock resistant capability which gives you good grip and comfort in rolling the skateboard. It is supportive for all age groups and supports weight up to 180 lbs approximately. Merkapa is ranked among the top ten selling skateboard brands with high performance feedback from customers. It is environment-friendly and trusted brand in the whole industry. It is regarded as the best skateboard to start with for a five year old kid. Its vibrant color scheme with the deck makes it super cool with light up wheels without consuming any batteries and it works with the self-generated rotary power.

High FlexibilityNone That We Could Find
Bright LED Lights
Best For Beginners


If you haven’t tried this board yet, give it a try and I bet you will love to have this in your life. Classic Mini Cruiser Skateboard is super easy to learn. Whoever tries this will surely and gradually fall in love with this. Especially when they get the colorful deck and multicolored LED light-up wheels. The overall mini classic cruiser design is quite different from other skateboards available in the market. Its light up wheels in transparent glass adds more beauty in this skateboard. This is the reason why this skateboard is more popular and in high demand among kids. Get it now and admire the beauty of classic mini cruiser.



RIMABLE Complete Skateboard

This is a highly rated board called Rimable, made up of plastic and comes fully assembled for a hassle-free ride.RIMABLE Complete Skateboard Best Skateboards For 5 Year Old It’s a 22-inch long and 06-inch wide deck with high quality material and durable for long use. The thick aluminum 3-inch trucks makes it a noise-free device to roll on the road and rocks freely. Expect high speed with PU wheels and sturdy bearings that make them sustainable to any kind of pressure and resistance. It can provide support for all ages with maximum weight up to 90KG and perfect for extreme skating. It is perfect for the kids in growth and promotes a culture of skating in the community. It has an amazing design, pattern and a wonderful color combination which also makes it a preferred device for the kids. It reminds them of galaxies and makes them feel as they are flying across the universe. Most of the users love Rimable due to its solid structure and quality parts equipped with the board. Since its evolution, the device has been constantly admired due to its performance and use. It gets started easily and doesn’t have much weight to make any problem for the kids. It is called a mini cruiser because of its size and can be packed in a bag to take it with you anywhere without any inconvenience. From kids to young, it is a good choice for skating. The best thing about Rimable is that it is not much pricey and affordable for parents.

LightweightLittle Noisy


If you don’t have enough to spend to get a quality skateboard for your kids, then Rimable is the right choice.



We cannot ignore this fact that skateboarding has become true fun and time passer among kids and adults around the world. Bicycles were used earlier to travel one place to another but now youngsters use skateboards to go one place to another. Even students use it to approach their schools. They don’t use bicycles anymore. They feel skateboards are more convenient, because they can even put these skateboards in their backpacks after use. They don’t need to lock skateboards somewhere else like bicycles. This is the reason skateboard has taken bicycle’s place on large scale now. Due to skateboard’s vast popularity, large number of manufacturers are making skateboards now and they are available in the market for almost all ages in different sizes and shapes and with different prices. But in this article we have discussed top three models which are on high demand for five year old kids. Now, it’s up to you to grab the best one. Which one you are going to buy for your kid?



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